by Fureycoaching for Parents

“Oooooh, dear, you don’t want to dress her like that! She’ll catch her death of cold!”
(Then the random strange old lady goes and feels my daughter’s hands!)
“Ooh, they are quite warm, aren’t they? Well I never! Better wrap her up though, you never know!”
(Old lady then shuffles off down the street).

Humanity, as a whole, has been successful due to its sense of unity and protection towards children. Most people seem programmed to watch out for the safety of children. Last week, for example, my daughter was stepping out of an underground train, in Zurich, when the doors slammed on her and did not retract. A passing stranger dropped his luggage and lunged forward to rescue her. Between us, we managed to extract a very frightened child from the vice-like grip of the doors. This good Samaritan had the innate instinct to protect a child. He didn’t think; he acted. It is in the interest of our species as a whole to look after our young, so that humankind can survive.

This innate compulsion misfires, however, when judgements are openly expressed about the behaviour, actions, or appearance……. Read More

An extract of the article published in Inspirational Woman Magazine, Jan 2013