by Just an Awesome Kid
June 2013

So there are times when it seems circumstances get really challenging. And perhaps the challenge seeming never ending,  relief not in sight. We have had many of these moments.

Since Joseph arrived in our lives, I literally never knew the places or the extremes a person could or would go to. From the delight of a smile or giggle to ongoing medical intervention, discrimination, exclusion, medical emergency or fun play.

Dec and Jan, meant none of the family got sleep, there was screaming with pain of a toddler than nothing seemed to help. Trips to A&E.

So sometimes, we have to dig really deep. Nothing else can help us.

It became, and still does repeated show really clearly, that all we ever really have, repeating the statement for impact all we ever really have, is our internal state of mind. Regardless of circumstance or situation. And no-one nor anything can take away from us. It is our internal sense of well-being. Living life from the inside out, cherishing our greatly affects our lives.

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