by Sue Lachman
June 2013

What started off as a test page with my newly acquired facebook and Skype friend Tammy Furey teaching me on line how to put up a blog to host my posts on my new website, has finally emerged as a Blog.

I would like share something with you, so pull up a chair, sit back, relax and enjoy..

It came to me one morning that there is little point continuously calling up to our son and acting as his early morning alarm call.  Surely he could find a solution to what sometimes seemed like this never ending problem of him  preferring to stay in bed for as long as possible and if he missed the school bus it would be very easy to ask mum or dad to take him to school by car.  With a round trip of approaching and hour and three quarters it was not always possible and at 16 he has the ability to sort this out himself.  However, seeing the face of thunder coming down the stairs, I could see that this was not the time and place to speak to him.

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