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Posted 21st June 2013

Sometimes there are moments of such deep appreciation for our children. Any child I mean. A simple moment in time, or a moment of great connection.

It is fair to say I have thinking and make it up, yet in moments it makes me laugh if I get a”oh” from someone asking about my son if additional needs come up. As if there is something to be sorry about.  Some disappointment. A lack of some sort. Cause there isn’t.

It is an interesting moment, for there maybe no understanding  in that moment of the character we are lucky enough to have in our lives. Let alone our family! So thank you Joseph.

And sometimes I make up that it has been ascertained that I am”in denial” and it is what I love since discovering three principles discovering ability to be happy for good reason. It is not to deny there may be challenges or difficult moment maybe difficult moments currently (thanks Ami Chen Mills-Naim)

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