By Cory Willson –

Posted on June 26, 2013

Parenting is one of those things that becomes hard to see, because you are just IN it!  Ever so often, though, something happens that allows…or creates rather…the opportunity to observe yourself.  For me it is a recent shift in my son’s life that has put me face to face with judgement that I was totally unaware of.  As we faced this shift as a family, I felt as though I was able to see myself “handling” it.  I was not operating from a sense of calm & I felt that I was loosing “control”.  With this thought,  I found myself knowing suddenly that I was the obstacle…that my son was fine & even able to teach me.  I want to share because it is beautiful, but also because as parents (and as humans) we need to be willing and open to changing our minds.

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