Posted on October 3, 2011 by Cory Willson

Wisdom Life Coaching

The teenage years…usually a time we all remember, and whether we remember it fondly or horrifically, it is always a tumultuous time. This is usually the first time in life that we begin to feel responsibility AND freedom…yin & yang. This is the time that we are practicing how to self-monitor…to use our free-will wisely.

Much of how we learned in order to become the adults we are today comes from trial and error during this phase of life. Now, that’s already a lot, but it all gets complicated by the fact that as teens we all quietly (or not so quietly) deal with the undercurrents of raging hormonal changes during this extraordinary phase of life. The teenage years are truly a magical and challenging time, but the question is, how can we as parents support our children through this ever-important phase of discovery? Can we do more than just hang on tight with two hands?

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