By Sue Lachman

Posted 25th August 2013 at

Summer holidays were a breeze!  Not just because my children for the most part went to sleep away camp and then to a local day camp.  The angels that took them will never really know how immensely grateful we are for taking from their own time to look after two children who although can be fun, can also be challenging.

Anyway, I am going off subject here and want to get back to the fact that the Summer Holidays were a Breeze because even though my thoughts about the days my children had off devoid of any camp were for a small part making me anxious, realising they weren’t real was a real God send. I have to admit at first I started getting into a story and the story went like this “Every time the children are home it is hard, they get bored and I find it tremendously difficult to take them out anywhere as they never stay together and they always want different things and ..and…and..”  All this was said to myself literally with one breathe!

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