Would you like to know how communities are being transformed from the inside out and achieving the remarkable results listed below?

  • 80% reduction in school truancy rates
  • 75% reduction in school discipline referrals and suspension
  • 62% reduction in violent crime
  • 100% reduction in homicides
  • 74% reduction in assaults

Sheela Masand, together with the Center for Sustainable Change, is offering a very special opportunity totally free-of-charge to hear more than 18 speakers over 5 days share just how this transformations are taking place.

This is the first ever global virtual summit of Three Principle facilitators:

Transforming Community from the Inside Out

If you already know that you want to hear all about these transformations and learn just what is possible in community, then please register here for FREE.

Transforming Community from the Inside Out features some of the most effective and profound 3 Principles speakers of our time, many of whom have won awards for their work, and who have worked on the ground in communities through government programs, school programs and volunteer programs.

You will hear each speaker share the most impactful transformational story of their career in fields such as:

  • mental health

  • schooling

  • parenting

  • policing

  • recovery

  • homeless

  • youth

  • corrections

  • and more

You can see the full schedule on the registration page including teachers and community builders like Ami Chen Mills Naim, Dr Bill Pettit, Dr Linda Sandel Pettit, Janet Lindsay, Tony Fiedler, Courtney Alexander, Ed Lemon, Joe Gonzalez and many more.


If you can’t make all the calls (it may be tricky since there are 2 per day for 5 days!) it’s not a problem, they have you covered!   Register anyway and you will have immediate access to instructions on how you can receive the full set of recordings plus other very special bonuses from the Center for Sustainable Change.

If you prefer to check out their Facebook page first, you can see the speaker schedule there, just follow this link:


This is sure to be an inspiring telesummit showing just what is possible in community.  An opportunity to hear directly from the “horse’s mouth” just what has happened and is happening in community.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear all this free-of-charge.  Register here