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An excerpt from the transcription “School – pressure of performance with peers, classroom and sports”
As to the positions that I held within schools – they were various. Most of the time I did substitute teaching. so I was in a group of schools across two counties, so I got called by an agency to go to this school or that school. Now the way you get invited back to a school is entirely dependent upon what the children feedback to the staff because they need to know that the children are safe with the teacher in the room. And I managed to do a lot of really good work and, let’s say, that went under the radar. A lot of the work I did was under the radar. But let me tell you, every single school always wanted me to go back. I never had a school say, “We don’t want you coming back here because of what you taught.” So they always knew that it wasn’t necessarily curricula but they knew that the children would be leaving the classroom inspired, and they knew that was a good thing for the school.
Now I’ll give you an example of one school where they contracted me to the work that I do. And this is how the interview went. It’s very simple. I got called up from a buddy that I knew from the gym who ran the behavior support unit and this is how it went. He rang me on Thursday and said, “Oh hi Dean. Can you come for an interview tomorrow at the school?”
And I said, “Sure, what’s the job?”
And he said, “Well, you’ll find out when you get here.”
I said, “Ok.”
So I got there, he was there and the head teacher was there and this is how the interview went:
“Hi, we have heard … we don’t know what it is you do, but we heard you’re good at it. Can you come and do it at our school?” (laughing)
That was the introduction. So what I did in that school was, they wanted me four days out of five and they wanted me to run what they called their senior team call-out which is basically going round the school, firefighting, basically dealing with all the difficult situations wherever they appeared in the school. So I would wonder the school with a headset on and they’d say, “Right, go to room 37.”


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