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I have recently returned from a cold and snowy visit to a Native American Indian Reservation in Minnesota, host to one of the worst school shootings (at the time, in 2005) in U.S. history. The problems that continue to plague this small, rural and impoverished (but also very beautiful and resilient) community include a rash of suicides of youth—even of children as young as 10.

At the same time, in Silicon Valley, where our family used to live, children from even wealthy households in one city have also been committing suicide on the train tracks and elsewhere, marking an unfortunate new start to an old epidemic that started there about six years ago.

Our children are crying out to us from all backgrounds and every kind of community. They are telling us that somehow our priorities are not straight. Our vision is not clear. There may be high pressure for achievement; or a lack of feelings of self worth for children (and for parents); as well as no guidance about, or sense of where true well-beingcomes from.

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