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Posted 04/02/2015

Part of the “Parenthood Way” current series

If there is one thing that throws a wrench in our parenting—in fact, all relationships—it’s ASSUMPTIONS. An assumption is, of course, just a thought, but one we often mistakenly confuse with the truth. I cannot tell you how many times I have assumed one of my daughters (or my mother, husband, colleague) is operating with a certain sinister motive. When I slow down enough to look and listen again, I discover that the motive at work is actually quite pure. Most people and children are not “out to get us.” Most people are just trying to get through life the best they know how—and children, often, with a great sense of joy. Although children don’t know all the societal rules and behaviors we grown-ups consider sacrosanct. Quite often, their behaviors are simply a reflection of their not having learned what “proper” behavior looks like.

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Assumption-sumption: What’s Your Function? … To Make a Mess!