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There are a growing number of books that demonstrate the simple power of the Three Principles Paradigm, and the impact that it has had on the lives of the authors and those who are in contact with them. Many of these stories involve insights about family life. 

Here at 3PF, I would like to invite you to share your experience of reading these books and insights you have had about your family life along the way. You are most welcome to participate in this virtual book club by commenting on the site, or at the Three Principles For Families Facebook Group. Let’s talk about books, Principles, and life! 

To start with, I would love to discuss Exquisite Mind-How A New Paradigm Transformed My Life and Is Sweeping The World, by Terry Rubenstein

Here is the blurb…

Is it possible to rid yourself of chronic stress, anxiety and depression? Is it possible to experience true peace of mind? Is it possible to discover a new way of living life, beyond what you imagined? In this inspirational true story, Terry Rubenstein explains why this IS absolutely possible. The answers lie within the Three Principles of Innate Health – a ground-breaking new paradigm that replaces the countless misconceptions that cause many of us to lose our way. At the age of 29, Terry was an overwhelmed mother of 5 young sons suffering from acute depression and anxiety. A few years later, having arrived at a simple but revolutionary understanding that explained all her past suffering, her life changed dramatically. She discovered the secret that lets you escape from being a helpless victim; that allows you to be resilient and secure in the face of life’s inevitable ups and downs. Terry’s moving account reveals the gift of an Exquisite Mind overflowing with infinite potential – and the unexpected discovery of the innate health that resides within us all. 

One of the reasons I jumped to read this book was that it was an account of parenthood, in particular, motherhood, and how an understanding of the Principles had given Terry new perspectives on her maternal experience. 

When I opened it and read it, I thought it was interesting how my preconceptions of what I would find were both met and confounded. When you decide to purchase a book you create an impression of what you will discover inside it via Thought and bring that idea to life via Consciousness. Then there is a choice to read the actual book for confirmation of this impression, or to open the text with an open mind and see where it takes you.

So, my open mind found that Exquisite Mind was a story about a woman who is a mother, rather than a story about motherhood. It is a fascinating and hopeful story about innate health, wisdom, and Mind. Sigh, actually that is what the blurb said, isn’t it! 

I loved this book, and most especially how it captured the strange ebb and flow of these realities that we create for ourselves. So many sunrises and twilights that run through a human life, with joys and challenges, and a heap of lessons to learn. 

Yet, underneath it all is this vast silence, the peace of a blank page waiting for the ink to dance across it. Without the paper foundation, the letters would have no substance, nothing to support them. So too, we are like words howled in a wilderness, but are given shape and somewhere to hang our hats by a force far greater than ourselves. Until it occurs to us to see it, we may not even realise it is there, because it is already woven into the fabric of our existence, as reliable and unremarkable as a nose on a face. 

It is not necessary to know you have wisdom or innate health in order for it to show up in your life. Insights of this kind are part of human experience. However, having an awareness of wisdom affords you an awareness that you are supported. An awareness of innate health allows you to recognise that you are built for wellbeing, no matter what.

As Terry illustrates, her awareness of exquisite mind in her family life, offers her insights about how to mother from a place of greater peace, how to best support her children from moment to moment, whether to try for another baby, and what she wants to offer her family in expression of her love for her husband and kids, but also for herself, and her work. 

For me, I came from this book with the sense that there is time for everything, all those sunrises and twilights, howls and whispers. As a mum, I am expressing my innate health through my acts of love for my family, and this is one of the ways that Exquisite Mind supports me. Right now, I might experience it through insights about tantrums or homework or jigsaws, or as a felt awareness of the peaceful foundation beneath the maelstrom of five realities being hotly created at once. 

Over to you! What did you get from this book? 

Post your reflections here or in the Facebook group! 

Find out more about Terry and her work at The Innate Health Centre.