Have you caught any episodes of Clesia Mendes’ Youtube Show – Womanhood From The Inside Out? Many of the guests, including moi, have shared on the subject of parenting and/or families, which led me to ask Clesia which episodes she would recommend for this site. She obliged me with this list of fabulous episodes:

*Episode 1 with Mahima Shrestha, because we spoke about several things including how my relationship with my mother improved since discovering the Three Principles.

* Episode 3 with Jill Whalen’s because we spoke about how her relationship with her husband improved since discovering the Three Principles, Jill loves children and is a mother or three.


* Episode 4 with Gabriela Maldonado-Montano because she is well established in the community, has a beautiful way of putting the understanding across and she spoke about overcoming the pain of divorce and thriving in life. In addition Gabriela shared a heartfelt message for people who ever had/have a to deal with addition in the family. Highly recommended!


* Episode 5 with Alexis Blenkarn, because we spoke about trusting yourself in the Childbearing Journey and beyond. And because I love Alexis’ warm smile


* Episode 6 with

Belinda Bennetts, because we spoke about accepting that some family members

may not be interested in the Principles and how to embrace it with grace and ease.


* Episode 7 with Wendi Saggese, because we spoke about parenting teenagers and how to deal with illness. Not sure you are aware, Wendi has cancer and it’s beautiful to witness her clarity of mind


* Episode 9 with Mary Schiller, we spoke about overcoming PTSD after a marriage shadowed by domestic violence ( I know it may sound like an heavy subject but Mary speaks about it in an elegant and graceful way and there’s an happy ending, I promised). Highly recommended!


* Episode 10 with Thomas and Wendi Saggese, love this episode because we’ve got a teenager sharing how he has been impacted by the Three Principles! 


* Episode 11 with Molly Gordon because she shared how she loves her husband Miles more and more everyday…(spoiler alert it got a little saucy…but just a little ) Highly recommended!


* Episode 12 with Jacquie Forde, because she shared how her marriage of more than 20 years improved beyond her wildest dreams since the Three Principles and how she parents adult children.

Episode 15 with Karen Miller Williams, because we spoke about several things, including parenting, confidence, and bullying.

I hope you enjoy this smorgasbord of family related viewing pleasure!

Contact Clesia here at her website, or find her on facebook.