After some consideration, I decided that the 3Ps For Families website should function as an online magazine. There is such a wealth of experience and insight out there to share, and in this online world of video, audio, podcasts, webinars, there is room for good, old-fashioned journalism. So here, I appeal to you wordsmiths and enthusiasts everywhere….


3P Families is looking for personal stories, professional perspectives, interviews, book reviews, and creative writing.

The 3 Principles For Families website is an online magazine for anyone interested in how the 3P understanding impacts families and changes lives. A growing number of readers are visiting the site, and we are welcoming old and new members of the 3P community every day!

As members of the 3P community, we have glorious, juicy experiences and insights ALL THE TIME that relate to being part of a family, or working with families in professional contexts such as education, or personal coaching.

Many of us love to share what we have learned about families and relationships with other people who want to learn these very same lessons.

Many of us also enjoy experimenting with sharing the Principles through the written word.

The treasure is in the expansive, beautiful, satisfying feeling that comes through when we are seeing our lives through our innate wellbeing. The more that we share this bounty, the more we can help other people explore this experience in their own family lives. It is truly transformative magic.

The treasure you share doesn’t have to be Shakespeare, it just has to be true and from the heart.

Here are a few excellent reasons to write for us at 3Ps For Families:

For the love of expressing your reality and sharing it with the world;

To reach a wider audience of fellow 3P enthusiasts and professionals;

To promote offerings you are creating for bringing the 3P understanding to families, or people who work with families;

To promote your own 3P blog or website;

To experiment, play, and practice sharing the Principles through the written word;

To participate more in the 3P community;

To reach deep and verbalise insights you have had around families and relationships;

To be featured in an upcoming quarterly newsletter

Basic Submission guidelines are as follows:
We are interested in personal stories, professional perspectives, interviews, book reviews, and creative writing on the topic of being in a family or working with families;
Each submission should link to at least ONE OTHER POST on 3P Families;
Each submission should include at least ONE image, with attribution links to the places you found it/them (get in touch if you want help downloading copyright-free images);
Submissions should be made with a short bio (150 words max) and thumbnail portrait (facebook profile pics are fine) including links to your own website/facebook page where applicable, and contact details if desired;
If you have a submission or a question please use PM on facebook or the 3P Families contact page.