Dear reader,

Thank you so much for visiting this website. I hope that you find lots of wisdom and insight to inspire your own reflections here.

As you can see, things have gone very quiet here of late. At the moment, I am not able to maintain new material here. Ironically, this is because of my commitment to my growing family! To really be there for my kids and husband, (and to do justice to clients and students) I am cutting way back on online activity for the time being.

I am keeping the site up and accessible, so that you can see all the fab material in our archives.

I know from experience that there is so much grace and joy that can happen in family life, when you are released from the many misapprehensions that occur in our culture: that others create your feelings, or that identity is static, or that our innate nature is to be problematic. It is wonderful to connect with others in a spirit of releasing ourselves from these burdensome experiences and simply being together.

I really appreciate you taking time to look at this site in the course of your own journey.

Lots of love,

Alexis (Ed)