3 Principles for Families

Changing lives with the 3 Principles; one family at a time

Practitioner Directory


We have compiled a list of 3 Principle practitioners who specialise in working with parents, children and young people. Most practitioners will work globally, but practitioners are listed by country if you wish to work with them in person.

This list is for information purposes only; we cannot endorse those listed (yes, this is a standard disclaimer!).
Please use your own common-sense to find the practitioner that most suits your needs.

If you would like to be listed as a practitioner, please contact us. We also have a closed Facebook Group for practitioners to share experiences and support one another in their work: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3principlesparenting/


Tikun – London, UK
(see events in London)
Parenting with Ease Course – Tikun – London
and www.3pgc.org/directory/terryrubenstein

Sue Pankiewicz
Facilitating Transformation: Solutions for Parents,Teenagers and Children.

Peter Anderson
Peter is a former Head Teacher and offers mentoring and coaching from home and public talks and onsite training programmes for organisations, schools, and businesses. Videos featuring Peter’s work can be viewed on this site.

Michelle Atkin
Michelle has worked with mothers for over 12 years in supporting their decision around childbirth, infant feeding and early parenting. As a mother of seven children herself, she understands the stresses, challenges and worries of parents. Michelle fully understands the difficulties that parents, especially mothers experience in being able to effectively manage the life/ work balance and also the feelings of guilt and worry that accompany parenthood. Using a variety of techniques that include NLP, Hypnotherapy and the 3 Principles, Michelle works on and individual basis and also within groups.


Alexis Blenkarn- Portugal and UK- Editor of 3P Families, Alexis works with parents-to-be, and parents with babies, offering pre and postnatal education classes, breastfeeding assistance, continuous emotional support. She is fascinated by the dance of understanding that unfolds through childbearing experiences, parenting, and the growing individual.

Alexis runs workshops for pregnancy, birth, and beyond in Coimbra, Portugal, and provides one to one coaching and mentoring in person and via Skype. These services can be accessed in English and Portuguese language. Contact her right here on this very site!


Tammy Furey – Tammy Furey Coaching for Parents – Switzerland and UK
Tammy works with parents who are experiencing stress, anxiety and challenges and who want a peaceful, rewarding, loving relationship with their children. Her practice is based in St Gallen and Zurich, Switzerland as well as trips back to the UK.


Sue Lachman – Israel and UK
You too can Live Life With Ease and connect with your children, making Parenting fun, and your relationships meaningful and fulfilling.


Jack Pransky

Author of “Parenting from the Heart”, “What’s a thought? A thought is a lot”, and Somebody should have told us!”, Counseling, coaching, training sessions, supervision and/or mentoring is available from Jack Pransky via telephone from anywhere in the country and beyond, or in person.

Ami Chen Mills-Naim
is a personal, relationship and family coach, as well as speaker and trainer for schools and organizations. She works both long distance, via Skype or phone–and in-person, in the beautiful beach town of Santa Cruz, on the Monterey Bay of Northern California, where she conducts family and personal wellness retreats and coaching sessions. Ami is author of State of Mind in the Classroom andThe Spark Inside: A Special Book for Youth. With her late father, Roger Mills, she co-founded the non-profit Center for Sustainable Change, and currently serves as its Education Director. She has been an international trainer of the “Three Principles” for more than 17 years. Ami spent some of her childhood on Salt Spring Island, where her father became a student of Mr. Sydney Banks. Ami has worked with children, youth, families, schools and communities for more than 20 years.

Centre for Sustainable Change
The Center for Sustainable Change has two offices in the United States, in California and North Carolina. On-site Family Immersion and Facilitator Immersion programs are offered on site in Santa Cruz, California. However, the CSC offers individual, family, adolescent and young adult coaching globally through phone, Skype and other online platforms–as well as distance learning for 3P facilitators. Through their Associate program, on-site coaching and counseling in the 3 Principles is now available at various sites throughout the United States. CSC always offers innate resiliency trainings for schools and community organizations.
Please see their website and media center for further information.

Cory Willson – Wisdom Life Coaching – Lake Oswego, Oregon
My experience with children and families began in 1997 when I graduated with my B.S. in Elementary Education from Western Oregon University, then taught first grade for a number of years in Tiburon, California. In 2008 I earned my M.S. in Counseling (with a specialization in marriage, family & children) from San Francisco State University. It was in 2006 that I was lucky enough to have Dr. Roger Mills as a professor at SFSU. After this semester I became trained as a Three Principle facilitator and have continued to be a student and a teacher of this understanding ever since.
I currently enjoy a busy life with two kids, a thriving marriage and a small business of my own, Wisdom Life Coaching, near Portland, Oregon. I work mainly with children, teens, parents and families wherein I teach the Three Principles. I am truly grateful to do this work and I consider myself lucky to take part in all that unfolds from this understanding.http://wisdomlifecoaching.com

National Resilience Resource Centre
Kathy Marshall Emerson
NRRC is dedicated to teaching the principles to tap natural resilience and well-being in youth, families and systems. NRRC primarily serves large community cohorts dedicated to systems change.Services include training, presentations, keynotes, technical assistance; publication, evaluation, grant writing advisement. Limited charitable projects are occasionally undertaken. No counseling services are provided.Marshall Emerson has authored articles for The Carter Center, University of Minnesota Center for Educational Research and Improvment, University of California Santa Cruz Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence with U.S. Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) and others.http://www.nationalresilienceresource.com/

Pransky and Associates – La Conner, Washington
Offering: 4-week Interactive Webinar for Parents; 8-session Skype or Phone series; 4-Day intensive in La Conner; and a 6-session advanced series via phone or Skype

A.M Stewart
Having worked for the Center for Sustainable Change as a facilitator for groups interested in the Inside-Out nature to life and living, A.M Stewart now is available for private consultations. Stewart also teaches children about emotions and decision-making.


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